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资讯 / 电信 ITE / Telecom

Brazl 巴西

巴西ANATEL – Act 3939 – 符合性声明模式即DoC (无需OCD发证) 取代之前的CoC,仅适用于Act 7280中提及的产品类别。

On June 8, ANATEL published the Act 3939 related to guideline of Declaration of Conformity (DoC) with testing report. The DoC procedure is similar as the regular certification mode, but the applicant (local rep) can apply the procedure directly with ANATEL without requiring the use of one OCD (OCD is optional in this mode).

The requirements are basically the same (representative letter, manual, internal and external pictures, Factory ISO and testing report (overseas ILAC testing report is acceptable) and the CoC will be replaced by a DoC declaration. Applicant will submit the files to ANATEL and ANATEL will inspect the documents as usual before issuing the homologation.

The DoC is applicable only for a few types of equipment according to Act 7280, such as: Connectors (Optical terminal/Telephone cable), Broadcasting equipment, RF Power Amplifier for Earth Station, Satellite Transceiver, etc.


India 印度

插头插座及用于有功的交流直连式静态预付费电表 (质控) 令,2021年版 取代2019年版令,延至2022年6月1日纳入ISI 强制产品。

Plugs and Socket-Outlets and Alternating Current Direct Connected Static Prepayment Meters for Active Energy (Quality Control) Order, 2021

S.O. 2166(E) superseds the earlier issued orders S.O. 4353(E) N.
This Order may be called the《Plugs and Socket-Outlets and Alternating Current Direct Connected Static Prepayment Meters for Active Energy (Quality Control) Order, 2021》with effect from the 1st June, 2022.



印度尼西亚 – SDPPI新增报告总结页的要求,适用于文件审核流程。

On June 7th, SDPPI released official announcement regarding certification through document evaluation. The official announcement can be accessed at the following link : https://sertifikasi.postel.go.id/home/news?id=99 “Pengumuman Rangkuman Referensi Halaman LHU Nomor: 457/DJSDPPI.5/SP.04.09/06/2021”

The important points are as follows :

  1. Applications for certification of telecommunication tools and/or equipment using Test Report (LHU) issued by Overseas Testing Center must attach a reference summary of the Test Results Report (LHU) page or test report related to the technical requirements applicable in Indonesia which are test reference.
  2. The summary of the reference page for the Test Results Report (LHU) is issued by the Overseas Testing Center.
  3. The Reference Summary Format of the Test Results Report Page as referred to in Number 1 is listed in the Appendix which is an integral part of this Announcement.
  4. Regulations will effect from July 4th, 2021.

In addition, we have confirmed with SDPPI for several things that aren’t mentioned in the announcement as follows :

  1. This regulation applies to test reports published in 2021, while for test reports published before 2021 can be assisted to create  summary of test report page references by agents/applicant, no mandatory by labs.
  2. Summary Reference page of the test report is a separate page from official report.


Mauritania 毛里塔尼亚

毛里塔尼亚新法规: ATN 新型式认证法规发布。

On May 24th 2021, Mauritania ARE (Autorité de Régulation de la République islamique de la Mauritanie) released New Type approval regulation on their website.

This new regulation covers many fields such as:

  1. Type Approval Procedures

It should be noted that process has not changed and lead time remains the same.

  1. Sample requirement

The document talks about sample submission. The applicant must provide a sample of the material for technical examination. The sample must include the following information:

  • Brand and Type
  • Codes of the different modules and cards of the system. Eg : model No.

However at the moment samples are not requested. Last released certificates has been done without sample submission.

  1. Certificate validity and Renewal process

Certificate is valid for 5 years.

According to article 13, Certificate renewal must be done 4 months before the expiration of the current certificate, notifying that the equipment has not undergone any modifications.

  1. Resubmission for new approval

According to Article 13, a resubmission for new approval is required if the approved equipment undergone any change on its characteristics.

  1. Label/Marking

Marking is mandatory in Mauritania. However the label may be included in the accompanying documentation in situations below:

  • the equipment is (a) inaccessible to the end user,
  • and / or (b) space on the product is limited because of its size.


Mauritania 毛里塔尼亚

2021 年第 42 号决定规定任何旨在直接或间接连接到互联网接入点的终端设备均须事先获得监管机构的批准。事先批准的义务延伸到无线电装置,无论它们是否有意连接到向公众开放的网络。 视听广播设备不在该决定的范围内,但是如果此类设备也允许使用电子通信服务,则须遵守管理局事先批准的义务。 在毛里塔尼亚制造、进口、分销或提供销售所涵盖的设备之前,必须获得批准。

This decision provides that any terminal equipment that is intended, directly or indirectly, to connect to a point of access to the Internet is subject to prior approval by the Regulatory Authority. The obligation of prior approval extends to radio installations whether or not they are intended or not, to be connected to networks open to the public.

Audio and visual broadcasting equipment is outside of the scope of the Decision. However, in the case where such equipment also allows access to electronic communication services, it is subject to the obligation of prior approval by the Authority.

Approval must be sought before the covered equipment can be manufactured for, imported into, distributed or offered for sale in Mauritania.

Any person requesting approval of equipment from the Authority must submit the following.

1. Administrative Documents:

  • An application for approval according to the model attached in the appendix 1;
  • For legal entities, a certificate of registration in the trade register;
  • A certificate of representation of the manufacturer;
  • An affidavit according to the model attached in appendix 2;
  • Proof of payment of the approval fees to the Regulatory Authority.

2. Technical Documents:

  • Technical description of the equipment
  • Test reports from a laboratory accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 in the areas of
    • Electrical safety;
    • Electromagnetic compatibility;
    • Radio frequency spectrum (required only for radio equipment)
    • Specific absorption rate SAR (required only for radio terminal equipment)
    • Declaration of conformity issued by the manufacturer

Applicants are further required to submit a sample of the equipment with the application for approval for technical review. Each sample must be clearly identified and
information on the make and type of equipment and the codes of the different modules and boards of the system.

Approval is granted for a maximum period of five years and may be renewed according to the procedure outlined in Article 14 of the Decision.


Morocco 摩洛哥


Moroccan Authority ”ANRT” has issued a new SRD decision on May 07, 2021.

The Major changes are below:

1. Introduction of Wi-Fi 6E

Frequency bands

Max output power

Special conditions

5925 – 6425 MHz

200 mW EIRP

This band is intended for indoor use only.
Use inside vehicles /rolling stock is not allowed.

5925 – 6425 MHz

25 mW EIRP

This band can also be used by portable devices (smartphones, connected objects, etc.) for indoor and /or outdoor use.
These uses are not permitted in unmanned flying devices.

2. Extension of the scope of use of the band 24– 24.25 GHzto cover omnidirectional obstacle detection radars and motion detection radars

Frequency bands

Max output power

Special conditions

24 – 24.25 GHz

100 mW EIRP

This band is intended for omnidirectional obstacle detection radars and motion detection radars


Singapore 新加坡

[法规草案] 新加坡 IMDA 发布了 SRD 技术规范的更新草案,以更新规范引用的标准列表和 SRD 的频率分配。最重要的变化是对 CISPR 24 的引用已被删除并替换为 CISPR 35。

Singapore’s IMDA has released a draft update to the technical specifications for SRDs to update the list of standards referenced by the specification and the frequency allocations for SRDs.  The most significant change is that the reference to CISPR 24 has been removed and replaced with CISPR 35.

This Specification defines the minimum technical requirements for Short-range Radio-communication Devices (SRD) to operate in one of the authorised frequency bands or frequencies, and transmit within the corresponding output power levels and restricted conditions given in Table 1.

This Specification allows SRDs to share the use of spectrum in a non-exclusive manner, based on technical usage conditions and, where necessary, using spectrum access mechanisms such as duty cycle, frequency hopping, detect and avoid, adaptive power control and listen before talk. It provides flexibility for deployment of a variety of SRD applications, catering to specific (common) as well as nonspecific usage scenarios.

SRDs may be fixed, mobile or portable stations that come with a radio frequency output connector and dedicated antenna or an integral antenna. Applications include alarms, identification systems, radiodetection, vehicle radar systems, wireless local area networks, remote controls, telecommand, telemetry and on-site paging systems. These devices may employ different types of modulation and may have speech applications.

SRDs shall operate according to the relevant technical requirements given in Table 1, and may only be allowed to operate to the requirements given in Table 2 on an exception basis.


UAE 阿拉伯联合酋长国

​TRA 改名为 TDRA。

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) in UAE has changed its name to the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA).

Nevertheless, all documents, legislation and materials issued by the Authority with the old name are still effective.


Vietnam 越南

2021年5月14日,越南信息和通信部批准一份通函,修订2020年5月14日第11/2020 / TT-BTTT号通函附件I和II。 本通函修改受强制认证和符合性评估的移动通信设备列表,并修改了适用于以下ICT产品的技术法规:

  • 数码式地面电视机顶盒DVB-T2(机顶盒DVB-T2)
  • 台式电脑、笔记本电脑和平板电脑
  • vhi设备


On 14 May 2021, the Vietnamese Ministry of Information and Communications approved a Circular amending Annexes I and II of Circular No. 11/2020 / TT-BTTTT of 14 May 2020 providing a list of potentially unsafe products and goods under the management of the Ministry of Information and Communications.

This Circular aims to modify the list of mobile communication equipment subject to compulsory certification and conformity assessment under section 1.2 of Annex I.

This Circular also modifies references to technical regulations applicable to the following ICT products and goods subject to declaration under Annex II:

  • Digital terrestrial television set-top box DVB-T2 (Set Top Box DVB-T2)
  • Desktop computer, laptops and tablets
  • VHI equipment.

This Circular shall enter into force on 1 July 2021.



电池 Battery

Australia 澳大利亚

澳大利亚消委会 (ACCC) 于近日就新的钮扣/硬币电池及其相关消费品的强制性标准发布了供应商指引,自2022年6月22日起出售任何不合规的该类产品将会导致罚款。

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has released supplier guidance for the mandatory standards for button/coin batteries and consumer goods containing button/coin batteries.

A Guide for Business on the Application of Mandatory Standards will help suppliers understand the new requirements for secure battery compartments, child resistant packaging, and warnings and information.

Below documents were also published:

Selling any non-compliant stock on or after 22 June 2022 may result in penalties.

New mandatory standards

In December 2020 the Australian Government made mandatory safety and information standards for button/coin batteries and consumer goods containing them.

The four mandatory standards are:

The mandatory standards include an 18-month transition period. This allows time for suppliers to implement any manufacturing and design changes to comply with the new requirements. From June 2022, suppliers must comply with the requirements in the standards.

More information

The Product Safety Australia website also provides background on the ACCC’s safety investigation into button/coin batteries, as well as other information on button battery safety.



家用电器 House Appliances

Chile 智利

[法规草案] 协议草案 PE No. 1/01:2021

该议定书草案于 2021 年 6 月 7 日由智利电力和燃料监管局 (SEC) 公开征求意见,规定了标称电压不超过 250V 的家用和类似用途的真空吸尘器和吸水清洁设备的安全认证程序,包括电池供电的自动清洁器 (例如:扫地机器人)等。

Draft Protocol PE No. 1/01:2021.

This draft Protocol is opened to public consultation on 07 June 2021 by the Chilean Superintendence of Electricity and Fuels (SEC), seteting out a safety certification procedure for vacuum cleaners and water suction cleaning devices for domestic use and similar purposes whose nominal voltage does not exceed 250V, including battery-powered automatic cleaners (robot or smart).


Chile 智利

[法规草案] 电热泵的安全测试,草案协议 PE No. 1/37:2021

本议定书草案于 2021 年 6 月 7 日由智利电力和燃料监管局 (SEC) 公开征求意见,根据适用范围和领域,制定了电热泵 (包括卫生热水热泵) 的安全认证程序,感兴趣的单位可在 2021 年 8 月 6 日之前提交意见。

Safety Testing of Electric Heat Pumps, Draft Protocol PE No. 1/37:2021

This draft Protocol opened to public consultation on 07 June 2021 by the Chilean Superintendence of Electricity and Fuels (SEC) sets out a safety certification procedure for electric heat pumps, including heat pumps for sanitary hot water, according to the scope and field of application of the Standards IEC 603365-1: 2016 Household and similar electrical appliances – Part 2-40 – Particular requirements for electrical heat pumps, air-conditioners dehumidifiers and IEC 603365-1: 2016, Household and similar electrical appliances – Safety – Part 1: General requirements; and that are single-phase, with direct expansion of refrigerant gas and an electrical power equal to or less than 7kW.

These products include the following:

• Heat pumps for air conditioning of rooms (heating, cooling, both)

• Heat pumps for air conditioning of rooms

• Heat pumps for sanitary hot water

• Heat pumps for swimming pools

• Heat pumps for more than one application mentioned above.

This draft does not include:

  • Air conditioners covered in Protocols PE 1/26:2009 and PE 1/26/2:2020;
  • Mobile air conditioners covered in PE 1/29:2016;
  • Mobile room dehumidifiers contained in PE 1/29:2016.

Requirements are based on the provisions of IEC 60335-2-40, as set out in Table A.

Regardless of the certification system used, electric heat pumps that are distinguished by the same design characteristics, materials, manufacturing method, same factory and address, brand, type and that have the following identical characteristics should be considered as a family:

• Application of the heat pump (air conditioning, sanitary hot water, swimming pools, more than one application)

• Type of system (air-water, water-water)

• Cooling thermal power

• Thermal power of heating

• Type of refrigerant

• Same compressor.

The certification body will verify that the product:

a) is marked in accordance with the provisions of Clause 7 of Table A;

b) is marked with the identification of the manufacturer;

c) is marked on the body with the month/year of manufacture and/or serial number, or other means of traceability;

d) indicates the country of manufacture;

e) bears the Certification Marking (SEC Seal), in accordance with R.E. N ° 2142.

Interested parties are invited to submit their comments until 06 August 2021.


Mexico 墨西哥

墨西哥于 2021 年 4 月 21 日发布标准 NMX-J-521-2-14-ANCE-2020,涉及家用电器和类似产品 – 安全 – 第 2-14 部分:厨房机器的特殊要求。 NMX-J-521-2-14-ANCE-2020 取消之前的版本 NMX-J-521/2-14-ANCE-2013,建立家用和类似用途的炊具的安全特性,其额定电压不超过 250 V。

This Declaration approves Mexican Standard NMX-J-521-2-14-ANCE-2020. It was published on 21st April 2021 and deals with Household appliances and similar – Safety – Part 2-14: Particular requirements for kitchen machines.

NMX-J-521-2-14-ANCE-2020 cancels the previous version NMX-J-521/2-14-ANCE-2013 and establishes the safety characteristics of electrical cooking appliances for household and similar use, whose rated voltage is not greater than 250 V.

It applies to appliances that are not intended for domestic use and those that may be a source of danger to the public, such as appliances used by unskilled users in shops, light industries, and farms. If the appliance is intended to be used professionally to process food for commercial purposes, it is not considered to be for household or similar use only, and is outside the scope of the Standard.

This Standard does not apply to persons (including children) :

  • with physical, sensory, or mental capabilities;
  • whose lack of experience and knowledge prevents them from using the appliance safely without supervision or instruction.

Similarly, it does not take into consideration use of the appliance as a toy.

NMX-J-521-2-14-ANCE-2020 is partly aligned with IEC 60335-2-14. Differences include (but are not limited to) the following:

– Modification of requirement in 5.2 to clarify the technical requirement for the application of the test, which if not specified, can lead to error during the test and due to this generate a potentially dangerous situation for the consumer.

– Modification of the wording of first paragraph of 7.1 so that the values are not perceived ambiguously, since these values are used to properly perform the tests of this Mexican Standard and, if not specified, can lead to error during the tests and in the future, a risk for the consumer. based on a bad evaluation.

– Replacement of the wording of the second paragraph of 25.7 due to the fact that Mexican Standard NMX-J-193-ANCE-2008 indicates a suitable test method to evaluate low temperature resistance compliance for power cords.

The Standard will enter into force 180 days from its publication in the Official Gazette.


Mexico 墨西哥

墨西哥CONUEE 已批准对 4 个 NOM-ENER 项目及其各自最终标准的评论作出响应,并在联邦官方公报上公布。一旦获得国家监管改进委员会的响应文件和最终意见,下列 NOM 标准将在墨西哥官方公报上公布:

a) NOM-003-ENER-2021 家用和商用热水器;

b) NOM-010-ENER-2021深井式潜水泵电机部件;

c) NOM-014-ENER-2021 交流、单相、感应、鼠笼式风冷电动机,额定功率为180 kW 至2.238 kW;

d) NOM-022-ENER/SE-2021 自给式商用制冷设备

Mexico’s national commission for the efficient use of energy, CONUEE, has approved responses to comments on 4 NOM-ENER projects and their respective final standards for publication in the Official Gazette of the Federation.

In the second extraordinary session of the National Advisory Committee for Standardization for the Preservation and Rational Use of Energy Resources (CCNNPURRE) held on 19 May, responses to comments on four projects of official Mexican energy efficiency standards were approved:

a) NOM-003-ENER-2021 water heaters for domestic and commercial use;

b) NOM-010-ENER-2021 deep well type submersible pump motor assembly;

c) NOM-014-ENER-2021 AC, single-phase, induction, squirrel-cage type electric motors, air-cooled, in nominal power from 0.180 kW to 2.238 kW; and

d) NOM-022-ENER/SE-2021 self-contained commercial refrigeration appliances.

In addition, the publication of the 4 NOM-ENER final standards corresponding to said draft standards, was approved.

Once the response document and final opinion of the National Regulatory Improvement Commission has been obtained, the NOMs indicated above will be published in the Official Gazette of Mexico.



灯具 / LED Luminaiaries/LED

Chile 智利

[法规草案] 公共照明泛光灯安全测试,协议草案,PE No. 5/19:2021。

第 5/19:2021 号议定书草案于 2021 年 6 月 7 日由智利电力和燃料监管局 (SEC) 公开征询公众意见。它规定了适用于泛光灯的安全认证程序的要求,感兴趣的单位可在 2021 年 8 月 6 日之前提交意见。

Safety Testing of Floodlights for Public Lighting, Draft Protocol, PE No. 5/19:2021, April 2021.

Draft Protocol No. 5/19:2021 was opened to public consultation on 07 June 2021 by the Chilean Superintendence of Electricity and Fuels (SEC). It sets out the requirements for the safety certification procedure applicable to floodlights.

The Protocol would apply to floodlights on supply voltages not exceeding 1000V to be used for projection lighting, when the light is directed by reflection and/or refraction, to be used with electrical light sources such as incandescent, fluorescent, discharge lamps, LED, Induction or other technologies, according to the scope and field of application of the Standards IEC 60598-2-5: 2015-08.

Also, the Protocol does not apply to the following products:

  • luminaires only for mining use;
  • luminaires only for indoor use;
  • LED projector luminaires of 12, 24, 36 or 48 direct current voltage, which work with solar energy through autonomous photovoltaic panels and batteries, without being connected to the distribution network of the electric company;
  • Projector luminaires to be used exclusively in explosion-proof areas.

Table A indicates classification, labelling and testing per IEC 60598-2-5, among other matters.

Whatever the certification system used (5 systems are described), products that are distinguished by having the same design characteristics, materials, manufacturing method, factory and address, brand, type and that have the following equal characteristics, should be considered as a family:

a) Type of light source

b) Protection class against electric shock (class I, class II)

c) IP rating

d) Ballast for discharge lamps or driver (driver) for LED-type projectors that have the following equal characteristics: protection class against electric shock and the same IP classification.

With regard to marking, the certification body will check that the product:

a) is marked in accordance with the provisions of clause 3.5 of Table A;

b) month/ year of manufacture of the product and/or serial number, or other means of traceability, are marked on the body of the product;

c) country of manufacture of the product is indicated;

d) certification Marking (SEC Seal), is applied in accordance with R.E. N ° 2142.

Interested parties are invited to submit their comments until 06 August 2021.



能源效率要求 Energy Efficiency Requirements

China 中国

2021年5月22日,中国标准化研究院发布关于修订能效标识实施细则的通知。 本通知修改后的实施细则如下:

  • 中国能效标识(CEL) 007中小型三相异步电动机能效标识
  • 中国能效标识(CEL) 021 关于风机能效标识
  • 中国能源标识(CEL) 020 关于电力变压器能效标识
  • 中国能效标识(CEL) 022 关于平板电视能效标识
  • 中国能源标识(CEL) 024 关于机顶盒能效标识

这些新版实施细则主要是为了与新的国家标准GB 18613-2020、GB19761-2020、GB 20052-2020和GB 24850-2020接轨。

本批修改后的规则有效期为5年。 《中小型三相异步电动机、风机、电力变压器能效标识规则》自2021年6月1日起实施,2021年6月1日前出厂或8月1日前进口的产品,可延迟至2022年6月1日前按修订后的实施规则加施能效标识。 平板电视和机顶盒能效标识规则将于 2021 年 8 月 1 日起实施,2021年8月1日前出厂或进口的产品,可延迟至2022年8月1日前按修订后的实施规则加施能效标识。

On 22 May 2021, the China National Institute of Standardization published a notice on the revised implementation rules for energy efficiency labels.

This Notice provides the following revised implementation rules:

  • the China Energy Label (CEL) 007 on Energy Efficiency Labelling of Small and Medium Three-Phase Asynchronous Motors;
  • the China Energy Label (CEL) 021 on Energy Efficiency Labelling of Fans;
  • the China Energy Label (CEL) 020 on Energy Efficiency Labelling of Power Transformers.
  • the China Energy Label (CEL) 022 on Energy Efficiency Labelling of Flat-Screen TVs.
  • the China Energy Label (CEL) 024 on Energy Efficiency Labelling of Set-Top Boxes.

These new versions of implementation rules are mainly updated to be aligned with the new national standards: GB 18613-2020, GB19761-2020, GB 20052-2020, and GB 24850-2020.

This batch of revised rules will be valid for 5 years. The energy efficiency labelling rules on small and medium three-phase asynchronous motors, fans, and power transformers entered into force on 1 June 2021. The products manufactured before this date or imported before 1 August 2021 should be labelled with energy efficiency labels in accordance with the revised implementation rule before 1 June 2022. The energy efficiency labelling rules on flat-screen TVs and set-top boxes will enter into force on 1 August 2021. The products manufactured or imported before this date should be labeled with energy efficiency labels in accordance with the revised implementation rule before 1 August 2022.


Mexico 墨西哥

墨西哥标准NOM-031-ENER-2019 (道路照明和公共场外LED照明器能效规范和试验方法) 将于2021年6月1日生效。本标准将废除NOM-031-Ener-2012,根据2012年标准签发的证书有效至证书到期日为止。此外,标准NOM-031-Ener-Ener-2012下认证的产品可以销售至库存耗尽。

This standard establishes the specifications and test methods that promote the efficient use of energy in LED luminaires, intended for lighting roads and public outdoor areas, which use for their power the public electricity supply, as well as other sources of energy, such as batteries, accumulators and self-generation, in alternating current and/or direct current, with a nominal voltage up to 480 V in alternating current and up to 100 V in direct current.

As per Section 2, products established in another Standard on energy efficiency are excluded from the field of application, as well as the following LED luminaires:

  • For decorative or ornamental lighting of public outdoor areas
  • For signalling
  • With emission of colour changing light or monochromatic light (green, red, yellow, blue, etc.).
  • To be installed on the floor, under water, in classified or dangerous areas.


The standard also contains the following requirements:

  • Test methods, including luminous efficacy, nominal total luminous flux variation, correlated colour temperature, total luminous flux maintained and others.
  • Labelling – the products must be marked legibly and indelibly on the body of the product with the data listed in Section 10, as well as the units according to NOM-008-SCFI-2002
  • The packaging of the LED luminaires must contain, in a legible manner, the data listed in Section 10.2.1, as well as the units in accordance with NOM-008-SCFI-2002.
  • providing product information
  • instructions and warranties
  • conformity assessment procedure.

This standard will enter into force on 1 June 2021 and will repeal NOM-031-ENER-2012. Certificates issued under the 2012 standard shall be valid until the expiry date of the certificate. Furthermore, products certified under Standard NOM-031-ENER-2012 may be sold until the inventory is exhausted.



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Brazil 巴西

2021 年 4 月 29 日,巴西国家计量、标准化和工业质量研究所 (INMETRO/CONMETRO) 通过了关于产品认证一般要求的第200号条例。 该条例建立产品认证 (服务或流程) 的一般要求,用于产品认证机制的所有符合性评估要求。该条例于 2021 年 6 月 1 日生效。

On 29 April 2021, Brazilian National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality (INMETRO/CONMETRO) adopted Portaria No. 200 on General Requirements for Product Certification.

This Portaria establishes the General Requirements for Product Certification (service or process) used to all Conformity Assessment Requirements with the Product Certification mechanism.

It covers several topics related to the certification procedure, including:

  • Conformity assessment steps;
  • Traceability of measurements and calibrations;
  • Transfer of certification;
  • Termination of certification;
  • Conformity identification mark.

The Conformity Identification Mark identifies that the product/service was submitted to the conformity assessment process and it fulfils the determined requirements. The details of affixing the Mark to the product and all specifications are defined in the object-specific RAC.

In the case of imported products, except for those certified by Model 1b, the Mark shall be applied or affixed to the product and/or printed or affixed to the packaging before entering the country.

In addition, the Portaria outlines the authorisation for use of the Mark and the obligations of the certificate holder, inter alia:

  • Only providing the services or producing, importing and selling the products subject to the certification and duly certified;
  • Complying with all the conditions required by regulations related to the product/service;
  • Applying the Conformity Identification Mark to all certified products.

Finally, the Portaria contains 3 annexes as follows:

  • Annex A – requirements for the evaluation of laboratories not accredited by product certification bodies
  • Annex B – certification criteria of certified objects sets (kits) or passing on certification
  • Annex C – additional criteria for issuing certificates and for completing the database of certified products and services – PRODCERT.

This Portaria enters into force on 1 June 2021.


Israel 以色列


This Notice, issued by the Israeli Minister of Economy and Industry on 3 February 2021, provides a list of new versions for 9 mandatory standards.

List of standards with new version:

  • SI 1003 Part 2.1 – Release of Lead and Cadmium from Ware in Contact with Food: Vitreous and Porcelain Enamelled Metalware : Test Method;
  • SI 1838 – Lighting applications: emergency lighting;
  • SI 60436 – Electric dishwashers for household use: Methods for measuring the performance;
  • SI 50065 Part 1 Signalling in low voltage electrical installations in the frequency range 3 kHz to 148.5 kHz: General requirements, frequency bands and electromagnetic disturbances;
  • SI 61156 Part 9 – Multicore and symmetrical pair/quad cables for digital communications: Cables for channels with transmission characteristics up to 2 GHz – Sectional specification;
  • SI 61156 Part 10 – Multicore and symmetrical pair/quad cables for digital communications: Cables for cords with transmission characteristics up to 2 GHz – Sectional specification;
  • SI 16880 Service Excellence: Creating outstanding customer experiences through service excellence
  • SI 61169 Part 1 – Radio Frequency Connectors: Generic Specification – General Requirements and Measuring methods;
  • SI 61169 Part 24 – Radio Frequency Connectors : Generic Specification: Coaxial Axis Connectors for Radio Frequency with Threaded Coupling, Designed primarily for 75 ohm cable networks (Type F).


Singapore 新加坡

新加坡于2021-06-01公告隶属安全监管机构Enterprise Singapore的Consumer Protection, Weights and Measures Division 部门更名为Consumer Product Safety, Weights and Measures Office。其中Consumer Product Safety Office (CPSO) 将监督消费者保护 (安全要求) 条例 (CPSR) 和消费者保护 (消费品安全要求) 条例 (CGSR),而Weights and Measures Office将负责监管受《度量衡法》监管的称重和测量仪器以及包装商品。


With effect from 01 Jun 2021, please be informed that the current “Consumer Protection, Weights and Measures Division” of Enterprise Singapore, will be renamed to the “Consumer Product Safety, Weights and Measures Office”. The Consumer Product Safety Office (CPSO), an office overseen by Enterprise Singapore, will oversee the safety of consumer products which are under the purview of the Consumer Protection (Safety Requirements) Regulations (CPSR), and the Consumer Protection (Consumer Goods Safety Requirements) Regulations (CGSR). The Weights and Measures Office (WMO), an office overseen by Enterprise Singapore, will oversee weighing and measuring instruments and packaged goods regulated under the Weights and Measures Act.